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sales training

Online or face to face training for sales professionals.
Expand on your sales techniques and people skills to help boost your successful sales.
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have you filled out your success wheel?

How would you rate your business or selling skills on a rating of 1 to 10?
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think yourself successful

Is success really just a state of mind? If someone BELIEVES they are going to be rich, famous, or successful, it usually happens, but why?
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Welcome to 121 business coach

The specialist business coaching company

Our SMART programmes are designed to improve customer care, build confidence and sales, providing you with the all important competitive edge.

121 business coaches will push, challenge, and demand more of their clients to break through sales targets, increasing commissions and profit for businesses, taking their life and career to the next level.

We believe the 121 experience should be fun, highly interactive and provide SMART and practical techniques that you can use in the real world. The way the sales person approaches the sale needs to be well thought through to maximise their chances of a successful close.

121 coaches work with individuals, taking a holistic approach to cover every angle. By analysing your company, sales scripts, how individuals open conversations with the prospect, respond to client objections and deal with presenting cost 121 coaches can open new horizons and options releasing mind blocks.

Successful sales people need a positive mindset and inner self-belief, which is why coaching, is so successful. 121 coaches develop an environment of trust and rapport allowing self-confidence to grow and realising success.

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This FREE on-line Training Needs Analysis helps you discover your strengths and development needs, and prepare your own personal development plan.
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Beat the credit crunch
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Get one up on the competition! Discover 60 ways to increase your sales.
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Advertising and marketing what is the difference?

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